Offseason Schedule 2013 : Fundamentals

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This week, we’ll be previewing the offseason schedule. You can still expect posts every weekday, a mix of education, information and inspiration, nice people in the comments section, and a reason to hold onto hope: the 2013 season will be here before we know it. Here’s what we’ll be talking about until then:

football, fundamentals, basicsWe’re going to take a cue from Jerry Rice on this one – Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver of all time, but probably best known for having the greatest work ethic of all time:

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

Now, let’s be real. We won’t be lifting tires and running routes and studying playbooks in the hopes of getting a Super Bowl ring. But we are training for something important. Why spend hours on end confused and frustrated every Sunday when you have the opportunity to be as well-educated as possible when the regular season arrives? Why not make the most of the time you’ll already spend watching the game – either because you like to have football on TV or because your family commandeers the TV for football every weekend – and actually know the game and enjoy it? By doing what most others won’t (studying football in the offseason), you’ll be able to accomplish what others can’t (understanding football in the regular season). It’ll be worth every ounce of effort you put into it!

What will we be learning? The broken-down basic basics. First downs and fumbles. Quarters and quarterbacks. Safeties and safeties. Anything you’ll need to know to successfully navigate the 2013 season. Have a question? Ask it! We’ll answer it on Mondays int he fundamentals posts.

See you here for the first Fundamentals post next Monday!

Author: Beka